Future Continuous

Future Continuous Diagram

We use Future Continuous Tense in English when we talk about activities which will be taking place in a specific moment in the future. 


Key Words

Time Frames: e.g one year, next week, tomorrow

Future Continuous Use

The Future Continuous is also called the Future Progressive.  We use this tense in English for:

1: Future actions in progress

  • In an hour, I will be sitting in front of my TV.
  • In the evening, I will be baking a birthday cake.

2: Guesses

Use this tense also to make guesses about something in the present or future.

  • He won’t be coming any time soon. He is still at the office.
  • Beatrice will be getting married very soon.


3: Questions

And the last use of the tense is to make polite questions about something or somebody.

  • Will you be coming home before or after 10 PM?
  • Will you be going to the supermarket? I have something to buy.