Future Perfect Continuous

Future Perfect Continuous Diagram

We use Future Perfect Continuous when we talk about activities which will finish before a certain moment in the future.


Key Words

  • By tomorrow / 8 o’clock
  • This year / month / week
  • Next year / month / week



Future Perfect Continuous

The Future Perfect Continuous is also called the Future Perfect Progressive.

Here is how we use this tense:

1: Duration

We use this tense to express situations that will last for a specified period of time at a definite moment in the future. It is important that we expect these situations to last longer.

  • Before they come, we will have been cleaning the house for 5 hours.
  • By the next year, Ben and his wife will have been living together for 50 years.

2: Cause

English speakers also use this tense when they want to express certainty about the cause of some future situation.

  • By this time, he will have been working for 12 hours, so he will be very tired.
  • We will be making a rest stop in half an hour, because you will have been driving the car for 6 hours by then.