Future Perfect

Future Perfect Diagram

We use the Future Perfect when we talk about activities which will finish before a certain moment in the future. 


Key Words

By, By the time, Before, By tomorrow/7 o’clock/next month, Until/till


Future Perfect Use

We use the  Future Perfect the following situations:

1: Completion before a specified point in the future

The first use of this tense is to talk about future actions that will be finished before some specified point in the future.

  • Before they come, we will have cleaned up the house.
  • John will have eaten the whole cake, by the time the birthday party starts!


2: Duration in the Future

Another use of this tense is to talk about actions will last after a given point in the future.

  • By the next year, I will have known Monica for 30 years.
  • Patrick will have lived in Hong Kong for 20 years by 2012.