Grammar Tenses

Past Present and Future

In English, there are 12 basic  tenses (listed below).  Follow the links to find out more on each tense.

  1. Present Simple
  2. Present Continuous
  3. Present Perfect
  4. Present Perfect Continuous
  5. Past Simple
  6. Past Continuous
  7. Past Perfect
  8. Past Perfect Continuous
  9. Future Simple
  10. Future Continuous
  11. Future Perfect
  12. Future Perfect Continuous

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Table of English Tenses

This table shows 17 tenses with affirmative and negative statements and questions.

Simple Present A: He speaks.

N: He does not speak.

Q: Does he speak?

Present Progressive A: He is speaking.

N: He is not speaking.

Q: Is he speaking?

Simple Past A: He spoke.

N: He did not speak.

Q: Did he speak?

Past Progressive A: He was speaking.

N: He was not speaking.

Q: Was he speaking?

Present Perfect Simple A: He has spoken.

N: He has not spoken.

Q: Has he spoken?

Present Perfect Progressive A: He has been speaking.

N: He has not been speaking.

Q: Has he been speaking?

Past Perfect Simple A: He had spoken.

N: He had not spoken.

Q: Had he spoken?

Past Perfect Progressive A: He had been speaking.

N: He had not been speaking.

Q: Had he been speaking?

Future I Simple A: He will speak.

N: He will not speak.

Q: Will he speak?

Future I Simple (going to) A: He is going to speak.

N: He is not going to speak.

Q: Is he going to speak?

Future I Progressive A: He will be speaking.

N: He will not be speaking.

Q: Will he be speaking?

Future II Progressive A: He will have been speaking.

N: He will not have been speaking.

Q: Will he have been speaking?

Conditional I Simple A: He would speak.

N: He would not speak.

Q: Would he speak?

Conditional I Progressive A: He would be speaking.

N: He would not be speaking.

Q: Would he be speaking?

Conditional II Simple A: He would have spoken.

N: He would not have spoken.

Q: Would he have spoken?

Conditional II Progressive A: He would have been speaking.

N: He would not have been speaking.

Q: Would he have been speaking?



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This Tenses Table can be used in conjunction with the downloadable Tenses Chart above, which shows formulas on how to construct sentences in the three basic tenses.