In the classroom today

Classroom Environment

Rapport between the teacher and students is important, but equally important is rapport between students.

Busy Teacher

teacher happyMake a list of ways in which you would like to be treated when working as part of a group. 

Ground Rules

Citizenship is the process of being such a member. It is how we make society work, together.

Citizenship Foundation

Familiarise yourself with the Equality Act 2010 which prohibits any unfair treatment of others, remembering that day-to-day life consists of  working with a range of people from various backgrounds and cultures.  Have high but realistic expectations of yourself and others.

Health and Safety

Take into consideration that workloads can be demanding so do take the necessary breaks to refresh.

  1. Learning goals – Know what you can produce from your level of understanding and/or able to do.
  2. Evidence – Determine how you can measure this and understand what will not be accepted.
  3. Activities to collect evidence – Plan how and what you will learn so you can collect evidence for relevant learning outcomes.


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